About Hunter, Cessnock

<p>Inside the HPOTS venue, Cessnock</p>


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Hotlap Ride 3 HV - Hunter, Cessnock NSW

Triple Ride in a Turbo Rallycar, No age restriction, No licence restriction. Suits those who dont want to drive, or cannot drive manual, or just want the thrill of the blast!


From $99.00

HV XLR8 - Hunter, Cessnock NSW

Get Behind the Wheel and drive a real turbo rallycar 8 laps yourself. Then when its all over, swaps sides for your Full-on Hotlap ride!


From $195.00

5 plus 5 HV - Hunter, Cessnock NSW

5 Laps twice. Will you choose a Subaru and an Evo? Or a Turbo and a Rear wheel Drive? You are behind the wheel


From $199.00

Rally Taster (6 Lap) - Hunter, Cessnock NSW

Get Behind the Wheel and drive 6 laps in one of our Turbo 4WD Rally Cars.


From $239.00

Combo 13 Lap - Hunter, Cessnock NSW

- 4 Familiarisation Laps with an instructor behind the wheel - 8 Drive Laps - You Drive! - 1 Championship-pace Hot Lap driven by a pro-Rally Driver - Australian Rally Championship-spec Subaru WRX STI or Mitsubishi Evolution cars - Professional Driver-Instructors


From $269.00

2 Car blast 16 HV - Hunter, Cessnock NSW

Get Behind the Wheel for a blast in two different Turbo rallycars. What is your favourite? Drive 8 laps in each of 2 cars, then swap sides for a full on HOTLap ride!


From $295.00

Half Day Hunter - Hunter, Cessnock NSW

4 driving sessions totalling 32 laps in our Rallycars Try the best of rear wheel drive, Turbo Subaru or Mitsubishi Top it off with a Double Hot Lap!


From $495.00