About Walky Park, Truro (SA)

<p>The Walkerville Carclub Grounds, 20 Minutes from Truro</p> <p>Google "Walky Park" if you are lost</p>


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Hotlap Ride SA - Walky Park, Truro (SA) SA

Ride in a Turbo Rallycar, No age restriction, No licence restriction. Suits those who do not want to drive, or cannot drive manual, or just want the thrill of the blast!


From $99.00

XLR 8 PACK - Walky Park, Truro (SA) SA

Get Behind the Wheel and drive a real turbo rallycar 8 laps yourself, then pass the keys to your experienced instructor and let him take you for a blast!


From $195.00

Rally Taster (6 Lap) - Walky Park, Truro (SA) SA

Get Behind the Wheel and drive 6 laps in one of our Turbo 4WD Rally Cars.


From $239.00

13 Lap Combo - Walky Park, Truro (SA) SA

-Our experienced rally instructor will show you professional techniques to maximise safety, enjoyment and car performance. -You will then drive 4 initial laps of the circuit. -Your instructor will give you additional tips on using racing lines, vehicle dynamics, cornering techniques and more. -You will then put your improved skills to use with another 8 laps of the circuit. -To top off the course, you will be strapped into the co-driver's seat and taken for an exciting rally hotlap blast by one of our professional rally drivers. These guys don't hold back! -Your spectators, guests and cheer squad are welcome! They can stay with you between sessions as well as take photos and videos of you driving.


From $269.00

2 Car Blast (16 Lap) - Walky Park, Truro (SA) SA

What a rush! Get Behind the Wheel yourself, driving 2 different cars, then buckle up for the Hotlap of a lifetime at the Hands of one of our experienced instructors.


From $295.00

Half Day - Walky Park, Truro (SA) SA

Extreme Rally Half Day where you drive 32 Laps, across 4 sessions, then swap sides for 2 exhilarating Hotlaps from one of our Pros


From $495.00