About Mount Cottrell (VIC)

<p> Located At Melbourne 4x4 Training & Proving Ground</p>


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Hotlap Ride - Mount Cottrell (VIC) VIC

Ride in a Turbo Rallycar, No age restriction, No licence restriction. Suits those who dont want to drive, or cannot drive manual, or just want the thrill of the blast!


From $99.00

XLR 8 PACK - Mount Cottrell (VIC) VIC

Get Behind the Wheel and drive a real turbo rallycar 8 laps yourself, then pass the keys to your experienced instructor and let him take you for a blast!


From $195.00

5 plus 5 VIC - Mount Cottrell (VIC) VIC

5 Laps twice! Will you choose a Subaru STI and a Mitsubishi Evo? Or a Turbo 4Wd and a Rear wheel Drive? You are behind the wheel for 10 laps in our rallycars


From $199.00

Rally Taster (6 Lap) - Mount Cottrell (VIC) VIC

Get Behind the Wheel and drive 6 laps in one of our Turbo 4WD Rally Cars.


From $239.00

13 Lap Combo - Mount Cottrell (VIC) VIC

-Our experienced rally instructor will show you professional techniques to maximise safety, enjoyment and car performance. -You will then drive 4 initial laps of the circuit. -Your instructor will give you additional tips on using racing lines, vehicle dynamics, cornering techniques and more. -You will then put your improved skills to use with another 8 laps of the circuit. -To top off the course, you will be strapped into the co-driver's seat and taken for an exciting rally hotlap blast by one of our professional rally drivers. These guys don't hold back! -Your spectators, guests and cheer squad are welcome! They can stay with you between sessions as well as take photos and videos of you driving.


From $269.00

2 Car Blast (16 Lap) - Mount Cottrell (VIC) VIC

What a rush! Get Behind the Wheel yourself, driving 2 different cars, then buckle up for the Hotlap of a lifetime at the Hands of one of our experienced instructors.


From $295.00

Half Day - Mount Cottrell (VIC) VIC

Extreme Rally Half Day where you drive 32 Laps, across 4 sessions, then swap sides for 2 exhilarating Hotlaps from one of our Pros


From $495.00

Full Day VIC - Mount Cottrell (VIC) VIC

This is the Ultimate Rally Experience designed for the genuine enthusiast. All the Cars All the Courses Demonstrations laps by the Instructors Hotlaps for the driver and a Guest In Car Video included Lunch included


From $895.00