Book Now - Rally Taster (6 Lap)

-Our experienced rally instructor will show you professional techniques to maximise safety, enjoyment and car performance.
-You will get to drive 6 laps in one of our Turbo Subaru, or Mitsubishi Rally Cars.
-If you would like to include a hotlap ride with our instructor behind the wheel, upgrade now and get 2 extra driving laps free!
-Your spectators, guests and cheer squad are welcome! They can stay with you between sessions as well as take photos and videos of you

Average Duration: 1.5-2 hours

About Colo Park (NSW)

From Windsor - The track is 61km past the Windsor Bridge towards Singleton (About a 45 minute drive).
From Cessnock - The track is about a 90 minute drive via Broke Rd

5308 Putty Road,
Colo Heights, NSW 2756

Other Information

-Location: Colo Park - Colo Heights, NSW (116 km northwest of Sydney CBD). Please note that there is no public transport to this venue.
-Weather: We inspect the track at 7:30am on the day of your booking. If weather conditions are unsuitable for driving, we will get in touch with you to postpone the day at no extra cost.
-Booking amendments: We require at least 14 days notice for any amendments.
-Important safety information: The cars have a 190cm height and 130kg weight restriction per participant. If you're at the upper limit of BOTH the height and weight restrictions, you will not safely fit into the seat. If at all unsure, please contact us on or 1800 208 000
-Food: Please bring any meals you require with you. Some snacks are available for drivers only. Note that this venue is not near any food outlets.


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Sun, 28 Apr 2019

Morning Start
8:30am Session -

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