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You actually get to drive 8 laps over our rally stages, then get strapped in to the navigators side for the ride of your life with one of our experienced pro. Do not just choose hotlaps, Get behind the wheel yourself AND go for a ride! What a fantastic gift idea.

Your Turbo rally experience begins with a welcome and intro briefing into the world of Rally Driving. We include some of the basic rally driving techniques that will not only help keep you safe, but most of all to coach you into achieving the most from your time behind the wheel. But we cannot teach you all of it in the classroom.

Our professional instructors are with you in the car to coach you the whole way, building your speed and confidence lap after lap. To answer the number 1 question, yes, you can choose which car you drive , or, if you like, just leave it all to us!

8 laps not enough? Then double your driving. check out our 2 Car 16 lap ATTACK.

After your driving is completed it is our turn to take you for a Hotlap, you will be presented with a Certificate to keep as a memento of your day, and a taste to come back for more!

Average Duration: 2 Hours Approximately

About Colo Park (NSW)

From Windsor - The track is 61km past the Windsor Bridge towards Singleton (About a 45 minute drive).
From Cessnock - The track is about a 90 minute drive via Broke Rd

5308 Putty Road,
Colo Heights, NSW 2756

Dress Code

All participants must wear long pants and enclosed shoes. Remember as per our terms and conditions for safety, Height/weight limits apply.

There is a height restriction of approx 190cms (6ft3in) as you will be wearing a helmet and there is a roll cage fitted in all our cars. There is a weight restriction of 130kgs as you need to fit into a moulded racing seat and harness. If you are both 190cm and 130kg you wont be able to safely fit. We can have taller people sometimes, but you need to be well under 100kg, to fit down into the seats better. It is a bit of a sliding scale, call us if you are uncertain. (02) 9521 5300

Spectator Information

Your spectators, guests and cheer squad are welcome!

Guests can often purchase their own HotLap for $50 (subject to availability on the day), and are able to stay with you in between your driving sessions. They can take photos and video footage of you from beside the track.

Keep a record of all the action of your RallySchool Drive/Hot Lap ride (and any of your friends Hot Lap rides) with an in-car video!

All RallySchool cars have High Definition video cameras. At the start of your day, we can provide you with an SD card which will record your experience that you can watch for your own enjoyment, send to family/friends, upload to social media, etc.

Cost: $50/ booking. Simply see one of our team members on the day, when you arrive.

Weather Information

No decisions are usually made regarding postponing days until after 7.30am on the day when an inspection of the track is carried out By out team. You are welcome to call us on (02) 9521 5300 after 7.30am to see if the day will be running. We will also try and contact each participant to advise if the day is being postponed by SMS. Remember, the number we might have for you is often the person who purchased the gift

Other Information

Cold drinks, tea, coffee and light snacks (biscuits etc) are provided for the drivers throughout the day. You and your guests are very welcome to bring your own picnic lunch etc as there is plenty of room at all venues.

You need to arrive only 5 to 10 minutes before your booking time. Please, there is no need to be there 1 hour early.

No public transport is available to the venue.

All changes to the booking require 14 day notice


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